Modern Shapes Editions offers handcrafted editions of unique sculptures by leading international artists.
Our editions stand at the crossroads between design, art and architecture. Each exclusive piece – boasting elegant and refined aesthetics – intimately touches on and interacts with these three closely related worlds.

The Artists

Our editions represent the creations of a carefully curated yet diverse selection of artists. Hailing initially from both sides of the Atlantic, our artists come with different skillsets and backgrounds. Some are still making their first career waves, whilst others are solidly established internationally. All the artists share a passion for handcrafting a range of natural or manmade materials, which naturally lend themselves to transformation into wood editions.

Alban Lanore - David Umemoto - Helen Vergouwen - Denis Castaing - Lucien Petit - Levi Hawken - ABSID - Scott VanderVoort

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Modern Shapes Editions is launching with a selection of talented and internationally renowned artists. Alban Lanore and David Umemoto, Helen Vergouwen, Denis Castaing, Lucien Petit, Levi Hawken, ABSID, and Scott VanderVoort. The result is a brand new range of refined and collectable wooden editions, handcrafted directly from some of the latest and greatest works by all these sculptors. Discover our collection in our newest catalogue.

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