Helen Vergouwen

Dutch sculptor Helen Vergouwen is passionate about forms, which are usually geometric but sometimes also irregular and more organic. She turns imagined memories into solid form through sturdy materials, with minimalist sculptures typically made of wood, bronze or corten steel. This alloyed steel is her favorite material, creating a dynamic and rust-colored ‘skin’ as it ages outdoors, such as in parks or museum courtyards.

Vergouwen constantly strives for a perfect balance in her sculptures, which refer to maps of houses, cities or places where she has been. She produces abstract geometric art, which is intuitive rather than calculated, which translates well into our handcrafted wood editions at Modern Shapes.

The sculptor likes to play with opposites such as open versus closed, rough versus smooth, inside versus outside. The appeal of her sculptures is reinforced by her masterly command of the materials she uses and the precision of her work. Vergouwen enjoys the physical effort of melting, welding, and bending – viewing them all as a key part of the creative process.

Helen Vergouwen was born in 1960, in the small town of Rucphen in the Netherlands.

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Helen Vergouwen